Technology and aesthetics in harmony


    Design Solar Solitions your residence decorations

    In the future no longer have to sacrifice on the altar of aesthetics when you’re thinking about the solar systems!


    Solar construction designed for decades

    We are searching fot the plans  dreamed by the sense of beauty – and materialize the best ones.


    High-quality structures made of long lasting parts

    „Careful planning and using the best quality materials” – this is what our customers say.

Energy efficiency – Design – Innovation

The installation of solar systems have many benefits such as cover electricity consumption and electricity bill reduction. Only a few people think about that, the solar panels protect the roof from environmental influences and during summer is less direct sunlight under the solar roof surface, which is itself provides a more favorable climate in th …

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  • Solar carportsöltőállomás-főoldalra.jpg

    Today, the electric-powered vehicles are rapidly expanding, but they also need to be fill up regularly. For this problem may be a solar carport a good solutions, thanks to solar panel structured roofs, where electric vehicles can be loaded. The generated, but not used energy is fed into the grid, which can be used fo …

  • Lasting modern aesthetic solutionsépület.jpg

    Using of solar panels as architectural elements was a specific development process wich is representing our collaboration with the best domestic manufacturers and suppliers. Because the solar battery life expectancy is over 30 years, we use only the best materials to the support structure and work with be the best do …

  • Energy storageátor.jpg

    The inverters will be delivered by the Astrasun which is long time ago on the market with a domestic professional team. By their technology in long term - 20 years time - the cost spent on inverter may fall dramatically.

    The Astrasun hybrid inverters has a big advantage that the b …

  • Cooling & heatingűtés-fűtés-napelemmel.jpg

    The solar system and air conditioning favorably adapted to each another, because  the cooling is most needed when the solar panels produce the most energy. According to the MAVIR, in the heatwaves the power consumption is  15-20 percent more then the previous and cooler periods, which means that the summer consumpt …