Cooling & heating

The solar system and air conditioning favorably adapted to each another, because  the cooling is most needed when the solar panels produce the most energy. According to the MAVIR, in the heatwaves the power consumption is  15-20 percent more then the previous and cooler periods, which means that the summer consumption peak is clearly attributable to the climates.


The home produced energy can also be used for heating, as a modern, very high efficiency inverter air conditioner can be used for cooling and heating as well. First, they are more economically recovered the existing energy from the environment,

 on the other hand they are able to be heated at a lower temperature. However, due to the significant decrease in minus greater efficiency becomes meaningless.

If you already have a solar panel and you want to equip your home with an aircondition, the solar system is supplemented by the expansion of existing production, so you not  have to pay more for your electricity supplier.


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