Energy Storage

The inverters will be delivered by the Astrasun which is long time ago on the market with a domestic professional team. By their technology in long term – 20 years time – the cost spent on inverter may fall dramatically.

The Astrasun hybrid inverters has a big advantage that the battery pack is capable of recharged from solar cell and other external power source as well. The external power source can be a generator or utility network. Thus, the system is also suited long-term back-up uninterruptible power supply as well



The solar systems as a complement to the case of a power spillage, the inverter automatically switches off grid operation. New and existing installations can be expanded with a switching unit, which does not change the system’s efficiency.

The Astrasun hybrid inverter consists of three functional units:

  • solar charge controller
  • inverter
  • isolation transformer

The charge controller will charge the batteries in the optimal operating point of solar panels and considering the battery charge level. The intelligent battery management function increases the battery life. Thanks to a sinusoidal AC output and the side of the isolation transformer, it can be used in the household at any 230V electrical system to.

Of course, the number of sunny hours and the outside temperature can not be controlled, but even so we can increase the efficiency of the system with other solutions. The easiest way to improve the efficiency in the households to use a panel-by-inverter system, which is with an electronic control panel reach the the highest possible recoverable electric power. Compared to the various energy efficiency solutions the cost of the solar system is not the cheapest option, but because it has a broad expediture area, in terms of investment it is one of the most profitable. The produced energy can be used to reduce the electricity demand, get hot water or increasing the efficiency of the heating system. In fact, even may be obtained  “electric fuel” for the electric car from our own property.


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